9 Jan

What has Sports, Lottery and Casino Gambling done for you?

Australia casino gamblingWhen we speak of casino gambling in Australia, we’re usually talking about new live or online pokies, fortuitous wins, or the dreaded affliction of problem gambling. That last topic has been abundantly proliferated by today’s leading politicians and anti-wagering groups. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself: What has gambling for you?

There’s a resounding message that gambling is bad. It’s a degenerative activity that causes nothing more than pain and suffering. This is what anti-pokies campaigns have been sputtering in radio and television ads – that nothing good can come of it.

In reality, much good has come of it. The Australian government didn’t legalize lotteries because it thought the general public needed a new form of entertainment. It didn’t employ companies like Tabcorp and Tatts to officiate horse racing and sports betting because legislators had too much time on their hands.

These gambling activities were authorized to help raise money to improve local communities.

What Australia Casino Gambling Does For You

Were you aware that the taxes our government collects from gambling operators are used to ensure every child is provided a free and honorable education? Did you know that Australia uses the money it collects from lottery sales to send promising athletes to free training camps, where they can excel into professional, tournament-worthy competitors?

While anti-gambling campaigners are busy spitting out problem gambling statistics, the sports, lottery and casino gambling industry is doing very little to defend itself. Chances are, an informed public – one that is made aware of all the things those taxed wagering dollars are doing for them – wouldn’t be so easily swayed to side with the Nick Xenophon Team (NXT) of anti-pokies politicians.

Transition To Sustainability Messages

Hannah Harrison, SABMillerHannah Harrison is the Senior Manager of Global Sustainable Development Strategy and Consumer Brands, otherwise known as SABMiller. She is of the firm belief that gambling operators should take a page from the book of the beer industry when it comes to public messages in sustainability.

“I really think it is interesting when you look at beer brands. You may not think beer as being a particularly ethical product, but actually you can use sustainability messages to bring a beer’s purpose to life,” said Harrison in an interview with CalvinAyre.com.

“Purpose is something that is here to stay,” continued Harrison, especially when it comes to things people care about. She explained that brands can improve their sale volume compared to competitors by letting consumers know “they are buying a product that resonates their own personal values…”

Her company played a key role in Uganda creating a sustainable source of income through harvesting Sorghum, a crop that they were able to turn into a beer product. Not only did it bring down the cost of beer, the government was compelled to offer harvesters a tax break since it was able to sell the beer at lower cost. It was clearly a win-win situation.

How does this have anything to do with Australia casino gambling, and the benefits it brings to the people? Harrison explained:

We were competing not with the existing beer but with the elicit alcohol market, attracting people out of the dangerous and unregulated, illegal alcohol market. So, we are making beers safer for consumer, creating new revenue for our business and creating money for the government as well, which have increased their tax revenue for over 50 percent since 2002.”

She went on to describe a vast opportunity for Australia’s casino gambling market to tap into unique product and service concepts that will inevitably appeal to consumers, simply by invoking the power sustainable messages.