5 Jan

RTG’s Mid-Life Crisis Slots still capitalizing on the Inevitable

Online pokies have changed a lot over the last two decades. In the beginning, all it took was an interesting theme and decent graphics to get the attention of players. Now, with much greater technology and thousands of games available, most punters are drawn to famous movie titles and keywords like 3D and HD.

Mid-Life Crisis Slots from RTGBut like most things in life, there are always a few classics that transcend time and technological advancements. The Mid-Life Crisis Slots from RealTime Gaming (RTG) fits into that category. It’s amusing theme and vibrant graphics – despite their lack of HD quality – are still a favorite for pokies fans worldwide.

Now 13 years old, we ask the question – What has continued to draw players to the Mid-Life Crisis pokies for so many years? The answer is easy enough. Everyone, at some point in their life, is able to relate. And the progressive jackpot doesn’t hurt, either.

Mid-Life Crisis Pokies Capitalizes on Reality

Mid-Life Crisis Pokies ScreenshotThe mass majority of the human race has, or will, experience a mid-life crisis. We all know the symptoms. Men who never cared before suddenly take an interested in their looks, fancy sports cars and women half their age. Women dye their hair unnatural colors, work out vigorously and wear tight clothing with minimal material involved.

RTG’s Mid-Life Crisis slots is geared more towards the male side of the affliction, poking fun at this stage of life with various thematic symbols. They include things like a Motorcycle, exorbitant Yacht, a bright red Porsche, risk-taking Parachuter, steamy Hot Tub, fat Money Clip, an assortment of blonde, brunette and red-headed Ladies, and – of course – what aging man’s mid-life crisis would be complete without a bottle of Viagara?

Mid-Life Crisis Slots Features

This timeless online pokies doesn’t have the multitude of feature rich bonuses and second-screen games found in some of today’s newer machines. It’s a rather simple game, really, boasting 5 reels and 9 paylines with a fixed coin value of $0.25. Players can choose to insert anywhere from 1 to 45 coins, with an $11.25 max bet activating the Mid-Life Crisis progressive jackpot.

That jackpot starts at $100,000 and grows rather rapidly, thanks to its popularity and being networked across all RTG-powered casinos. Punters will need to land 5 sports cars on a line to unleash it’s value.

Oddly, there is no Wild symbol in the Mid-Life Crisis pokies. There are, however, two types of Scatter bonuses that can be triggered.

Pick Your Poison Bonus: Those lovely ladies are all interconnected Scatter symbols. When any of these symbols appear on reels 1, 3 and 5 in a single spin, it triggers the Pick Your Poison Bonus.

The player can choose to select symbols from the main screen on the left, revealing various prizes until a bad result ends the game. Alternatively, the player can choose to ‘Try Krazy Al’s Miracle Youth Tonic‘ on the right. This awards a single, random prize, before returning to the base game.Mid-Life Crisis Pokies Bonus

Mid-Life Man Bonus: This bonus is triggered when a Gold Chain appears on reel 2, followed by the Old Man symbol on reel 3 and Wig symbol on reel 4. As difficult as that sounds, it actually happens pretty often. A random instant prize is paid, and the base game continues.