1 Jan

Money is Tight after Christmas, learn How to Gamble on a Budget

Christmas is over. 2016 is finally here. Ringing in the New Year was fun, but now you have bills to face. Money is tight and stress levels are high. You need to unwind and enjoy some genuine, relaxing entertainment, but without overextending your wallet. Poker, blackjack and slot machines might seem the wrong way to go about it, but not if you know how to gamble on a budget.Gambling on a Budget

When we think of gambling, our mind often draws pictures of massive Las Vegas casinos, gleaming lights and row upon row of hungry dollar signs. If you’re loaded with cash and looking for an extravagant vacay, sure, but gambling doesn’t require a large bankroll, especially when you’re just out for some good old fashioned fun.

We’ll discuss a few of the easiest ways to stretch your gambling dollars and still get all the joy and entertainment out of the experience.

1. Budget Gambling – Play Online

You’ll save a great deal of money just by staying home. Driving to a casino means filling the tank, and if you get hungry, you’ll have to pay for an overpriced meal while you’re at it. Online casinos and poker sites don’t come with obligatory tips to the dealers, either.

Trust me – your wagering dollars will go much further if you grab a plate of holiday leftovers and a beer from the fridge, plop down on the sofa and log onto your favorite online gambling site.

2. Budget Gambling – Free Play

If it’s the games themselves that you find so entertaining – and not necessarily the thrill of winning real money – why not play for free? (There’s another thing you can’t do at a live casino.) Online gambling sites have demo versions of all their slots and card/table games. Hours of free enjoyment await!

3. Budget Gambling – Freerolls

Maybe you can’t afford to put any money into your gambling venture, but you still crave the excitement of winning cash for your gameplay. That’s where freeroll tournaments come in. If you fancy a game of Hold’em, most online poker sites have freeroll tournaments running regularly. It costs nothing to enter, and can pay real money to the top finishers. If poker isn’t your game, many online casinos provide freeroll slots tournaments as well.

4. Budget Gambling – Wise Pickings

Are slots your cup of tea? Sweeten the pot by being a little more selective. If you’re gambling on a budget, look for slots with fewer paylines. Be sure to customize your per-line bets so that you can activate all lines, without spending too much per spin.

A 9-line slot at $0.01 per line will only run $0.09 per spin, guaranteeing a dollar will stretch at least 11 spins. A 40-line slot with max-bet at $0.01 will syphon more than a dollar from your bankroll every three spins. Choose wisely, my frugal friend!

5. Budget Gambling – Promotions

You have to be careful with promotions, since most of them require you to spend money in order to take advantage of them, but sometimes it’s well worth it. Always check the promotions page of an online casino before you hit the tables or slots, and read the fine print before accepting anything.

A deposit of just $10 could grant a match bonus, potentially doubling your wagering power. Free spins promos are common as well. Also look out for rewards points multipliers. Why play a slot that delivers 1 or 2 points per spin, when you could earn 5 or 10 points per spin? Unlike deposit matches, exchanging comp points for cash won’t come with wagering requirements.