11 Sep

New Online Pokies: Dracula Slots and More

This has been a busy summer, and whilst a lot of the attention has been on developing offline slots such as Ellen and Friends for the Vegas Strip, there has also been no shortage of online slots release. In this article we’ll look at a few of those, focusing on the very best.

Super Monopoly Money

This is the latest in a long line of Monopoly slots. This is actually one of the better ones, combining a bonus pot that you can add to throughout the game and trigger at will, with base gameplay that is very rewarding. Of course, as with all slots it can be very frustrating when those losses start to pile up, but it seems to have a very generous payout percentage and we have encountered no major issues to date.

Miss White

If you have played Miss Red then you will know exactly why to expect from this slot. They both use the same theme, with the major difference being that whilst Miss Red is based around the Red Riding Hood fairy tale, Miss White is based around Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. There is an expanding line feature that works very well here and makes for a great base game, but the bonus round is near impossible to trigger and is only a free spins round.

Cyrus the Virus

This is a fun little slot that was developed for mobile casinos. It centers around a number of viruses, which all act as the symbols. Some of these pay very well and there are also features and a bonus round that add to the game’s enjoyment. Whilst not the best or the most unique pokie we have played this summer, it is certainly interesting.

Apollo Rising

Created by IGT, whose name you will find on some of the very best slots, Apollo Rising is a slick slot that features a number of spacemen and spacewomen, a cross between the Asteroids arcade game and The Jetsons. Whether that’s what they were aiming for is anyone’s guess, but the theme works well and although not over the top or even in depth, the graphics are very attractive. There are only four columns here but there are 7 rows, which creates a great number of pay lines. Add to this the fact that some of the symbols stretch beyond a single row, covering 2 and even 3 rows, and you have a game that can pay out huge amounts on the base game alone. There are also a few other features, but the main attraction is with the base game, and that may also be where your biggest wins come from.

Double Happiness

Created by NextGen Gaming, with an ancient Chinese theme, Double Happiness is a slick new slot with plenty going on. There are 25 pay lines and a multitude of features that make this an enjoyable experience. Surprisingly, this game is not currently available at a great number of online casinos, but that will probably change soon as the developers seek to spread it around.