13 Aug

The Biggest Slot Machine Myths Put Right

As with everything in life, there are a lot of myths surrounding slot machines, and many of these can be detrimental to players, changing the way they play and spend, causing them to lose more money and take bigger risks. In this article we will put a few of those myths right, showing you the facts behind them.

Myth: Slots are programmed in cycles, paying out and not paying out on a pre-set plan.

Truth: This is far from the truth. All slot machines, whether online or offline, are completely random. Each spin is random and what went before and what comes after has no bearing.

Myth: Player cards are tracked and are reported to the IRS.

Truth: There are a lot of concerns regarding tax when it comes to gambling and this is far from the first one we have heard. There is no difference between using cash and using a player card in that regard. However, you should note that if you win above a certain about (typically a large figure) they will report it anyway, whether you use cash or a card. In this regard it is better to use a card because your gambling data is logged and if you report a net loss for the year then you will have proof of it, provided directly by the casino.

Myth: Games can be loosened or tightened on demand by the casino.

Truth: This is a strange one, but it is one you will find in any game of chance. There is a belief with some people that by being nice, tipping servers and spending big money, they will win more because the casino are “letting” them. They believe that if they do not play nice then the casino will stop their winnings. This is simply not the case. Don’t forget that all slot machines are regulated and audited, and such activities would raise many alarms and would put the casino in trouble. Slot machines can be changed and some can be changed remotely, but not the vast majority.

Myth: Slots in the open tend to be loose to attract traffic.

Truth: This is a myth that we have heard a lot of and one that seems to have some basis in truth. In fact, we believed it ourselves for many years because of this. Basically, it makes sense for slots that can be seen and heard to payout often, therefore attracting players to the slot area and drawing them into the casino. However, tests have been run by players on this and there is no suggestion that these machines are looser. Also, if you put this question to the people who make the machines, the people who install them and the people who monitor them, they will laugh it off and tell you it’s just a myth.

Myth: Slots are looser when traffic is slow

Truth: This is not really possible. The time and effort it would take to loosen all slot machines during slow times and tighten them during busy times is just not worth it, and that’s not even possible with most machines.