1 Aug

Sports Gambling: How to Make Money betting on the NFL

In this series of articles we’re going to try something a little different. We know most slot and casino fans like to dabble in sports gambling and that there are many more sports gamblers than slot machine gamblers. As it happens, we have a glut of experience in this industry, and in this series we hope to pass some of it on.

When it comes to sports betting in America, it doesn’t get much bigger than the NFL, which is where most bets are placed over the course of a year. There are many benefits to betting on the NFL, including the variety on offer, thanks to everything from the money line and point spreads, to totals and prop bets. Here are some key things to look for when placing your bets on America’s most popular league.


In some games weather may not be a factor, because some of them are being played indoors, but the majority of games are played in the elements. Check the weather forecast each week before making any bets regarding the totals. If it is going to be very windy and the teams will rely heavily on the pass, consider betting the game to go under the total, as wind and precipitation make it harder to throw the ball. Also, look to see if the strength of one of the teams defense matches up well with the weakness of the opponent. If this is the case, chances are the defense will be able to shut down the opponent rather effectively, making it less likely they will score a lot of points. However, if a team struggles on defense in an area where the opponent excels, consider betting the over as the offense is likely to be able to exploit the defensive weakness. You should also check the injury report to see if any key players are missing on offense or defense, as losing a key defender could lead to more points being scored, while losing a key offensive weapon could lead to fewer points.

Point Spread

When making bets on the point spread, it is also important to check the injury report. If one team is missing several key players while the other team is healthy, the team with the injuries may be at a disadvantage. Of course, oddsmakers try to account for injuries when setting the line, but they don’t always get it right.

Another important thing to remember is which team is at home. The home team typically gets the line moved in their favor by three points. So, if the Philadelphia Eagles are -3 on the road at Washington Redskins, they would likely be -6 if they were home in Philadelphia. Home field advantage is definitely a factor in the NFL as the home team does tend to win more often than the away team.

As the season progresses it’s important to be aware of the history and schedule from each team entering the game. Perhaps one team is coming off of a tough loss on Sunday and has a short turnaround for a Thursday night game, while the other team is coming off of a bye week. This would be a good time to bet the team that is better rested.

Also, it is important to see how a team has been playing. Have they lost a bunch of close games? Are any playoff implications involved in the game? Gauging the motivation of each team is important because if one team has a lot to play for while the other team does not, it can affect the point spread and your wagers.