28 Jul

WMS Gaming: Popular Games and New Releases

WMS Gaming is in the spotlight. This is one of the most exciting developers out there, one that has created many quality games and one that continues to churn out new technologies and new games. In this article we’ll look at some of their biggest and best games, whilst also making note of a few games that will be heading to a casino (both online and offline) near you very soon.

The Best of Old

Ruby Slippers: This has always been our favorite online pokies from WMS Gaming. They have the license to create games based on The Wizard of Oz, and they have used it to its full. There are many such games, including a Ruby Slippers 2, but this, and all of the others, has nothing on the original. There are several bonus rounds in this pokie and each of them has a unique trigger and unique features once you get inside. There are also several other features which make this game one of the most entertaining and the most generous.

Willy Wonka Pure Imagination: Another classic film that WMS Gaming hold the rights to, this is a slot that will spark nostalgia in most players. This uses a slightly different setup to a standard slot, which makes it that little bit more special and also prolongs the longevity of the game. The Central Determination Willy Wonka game is also very interesting and unique, although our preference is with Pure Imagination, which has a little more going on.

Austin Powers: Another game based on a classic film, this one comes packed with progressive jackpots and bonuses, and is great fun to play.

New Releases

Mad Men: WMS Gaming recently released a number of games, pushing them out across the glittering Las Vegas Strip. After all, their main focus is on offline slot machines and this is also where they produce some of their best games. One of the games recently launched in the City of Sin is Mad Men, based on the TV series of the same name. WMS Gaming love their famous brands and this is another in a long line of fun slots that are based are well known shows.

The Flintstones: With another slice of nostalgia, WMS Gaming recently launched a slot based on The Flintstones, which is a colorful, multi-layered pokie that has plenty of features, bonus rounds and a great deal more. If you want some stone-age fun then look no further.

Coming Soon

The Wizard of Oz: We mentioned Ruby Slippers earlier, which is one of the best games currently available from WMS Gaming, but very soon they will release another based on the classic Wizard of Oz. Not a lot has been released concerning this game, but we have seen a few screenshots and it looks very promising.

Gothel & Rapunzel: These are two themes based on one game. They use some of WMS Gaming’s best cabinets and their latest technology to create pokies that true fans will love. There are wilds, several bonus rounds and a re-spin bonus as well.