9 Jul

Most Popular Pokies in Australia

We have discussed many times how Australia is the gambling capital of the world, with more regular gamblers living in this country than anywhere else, and with more money lost per capita than anywhere else. We have also discussed how pokies are the preferred method for gambling in this country, but with all of that taken into account, which machines draw the biggest crowd and the biggest bucks? Which machines have generated the most tax dollars over the years?

Queen of the Nile

Possibly the most popular pokie in Australia, this can be found in casinos and clubs across the country. The is an Aristocrat game that was released under the name of Golden Pyramids back in the late 90s, and one that has seen many transformations since. There are several different versions of this game, including standard versions, high-roller versions and ones that come with a different amount of pay lines, from the older games with just 3 pay lines, to the newer ones with 20.

This pokie has also spawned others, feeding from its success. These include King of the Nile, which was released 5 years after Queen of the Nile.

50 Lions

This pokie was notable because it was the first one to have 50 pay lines. These amount of lines (and many more) are common in modern pokies, but that was not the case when 50 Lions first landed in casinos, amusement arcades and clubs. The fact that this game looked so different to everything else on the market was what attracted pokie fans to it, and every fan of these machines in Australia has played 50 Lions at least once.

Lucky 88

With a huge free spin multiplier that can return a massive win if your luck is in, Lucky 88 reeled-in players with the promise of big wins and a generous base game. This game was developed by Aristocrat and it offers 25 pay lines, as well as the Power Play option, which is included on many pokies created by this developer.

Super Bucks

Also very popular, this game has spawned many versions over the years. The latest release of Super Bucks has en enticing free spins bonus round, where players can choose from a number of different options as soon as the round is triggered.

Prize Fight

A pokie that has a boxing theme, this was very popular in pubs and clubs, and remains so to this day. There are a couple of versions of this game out there, as the first proved so popular that the developers updated it, improved it and then released a second version. This is far from a penny slot game and can only be played for a minimum of $1 a spin, all to way to to many hundreds, so make sure you have plenty of cash on standby before you sit down to play this one.

Other big pokies in this risk-loving country include Mr Cashman, Big Red and Where’s The Gold?. Many of these have been going for a number of years — they are the slots that got a nation hooked. The technology has advanced since then and it continues to move at a frightening pace. These games still lead the way, but in time they will likely move aside for the new wave.