6 Jul

Aussie Businessman Packer Moves into Vegas Market

Recently there were leaked reports that James Packer, the Aussie businessman, is planning to build an impressive casino and resort in the City of Sin, Las Vegas. As the son of the media mogul Kerry Packer, and a huge investor in Crown Resorts, he is no stranger to big business and to grand casino resorts. He also has a thing for casinos, and like a true Aussie, he loves gambling.

The casino plans were for a project known Alon Las Vegas, which will be backed by Crown Resorts and Oaktree Capital. It will be built in the north of the Las Vegas Strip, located where the Frontier Casino used to be. This casino was demolished in 2007 and the site has been sitting empty ever since, waiting for a big money investment just like this.

This grand resort will include a Resort Tower to house the majority of the guests, along with a VIP Tower where the high-rollers and big spenders will stay. The resort will also include an advanced casino floor, including all of the new technological advancements in modern gambling. There will also be a large swimming pool and entertainment complex, where many of Las Vegas’s best entertainers are sure to perform. In total, there will be over 1,100 rooms and suites in the Alon Las Vegas, with many different sizes and prices available to ensure there is a little something here for everyone.

The site of the old Frontier Casino cost James Packer and Crown Resorts close to $300 million and whilst the casino build itself will cost a lot more, Packer is keen to make his mark on the Gambling Capital of the World. He has already opened casinos in other major cities, including Perth and Melbourne, along with a current build in Macau that is expected to be completed by 2017.

There is still some time left before the Alon Las Vegas will be completed as the work has yet to even start. The leaked reports suggested that this build could be finished by the end of 2019. There are also plans for more casinos in Australia, initiated by James Packer and by Crown Resorts. This includes a casino in Brisbane which should be finished about the same time as the Las Vegas build, increasing tax revenue in the city and doing its bit for gambling across the whole of Australia.

There is no shortage of choice in the neon-lit city of Las Vegas, but for Aussie tourists seeking a taste of home, one where the pokies are king and where VIPs are treated like royalty, then the Alon Las Vegas could be the perfect destination. Who knows, if you’re around for the time of the casino’s launch, you might even be able to get a special offer on a stay in the VIP Tower, picking up a suite that will offer you the best of Las Vegas for less.