21 Jun

New Slots Heading to Vegas

The City of Sin gets all of the best slots, because it gets all of the biggest players. There are tens of thousands of slot machines in the Gambling Capital of the World, and these provide a good standard for the rest of the world. If something is a success in Vegas then it will surely be a success elsewhere, from Atlantic City and Reno, to the many online casinos currently topping the bill.

So, with that in mind, just what slots can we expect to hit the biggest Vegas casinos in the next few weeks? Will this be a summer of excitement for slot machine fanatics or will it be a disappointing and dreary summer?

Well, whilst we’re still waiting for these games and have yet to try them ourselves, all signs are looking good. One of the games set to be released is Gremlins, a bonus round slot that is based on the iconic film of the same name. We’re hoping that this will be similar to Ghostbusters, another classic film that has been converted to a slot machine. As for what we can expect, we’re still a little unsure, but we’ve been told that under no circumstances should you get the machine wet.

The Flintstones slot is also due for a Vegas release in the coming weeks. This is being developed by WMS Gaming, who purchased the rights to this show and to a number of other classics, including the Jetsons. It will be a five reel slot and there will also be a glut of bonus rounds and features, so we’re looking forward to this one.

TV shows have always made for good slot machines, but they have also made some pretty bad ones as well. This summer several more of these will hit the bright lights of Las Vegas, including another Game of Thrones slot, a Mad Men slot and a Big Bang Theory slot. The latter of these, which is being created by Aristocrat Gaming, looks like it could be the most promising. Many developers tried to get this license, and with a lot going on in this slot, we’re happy that it eventually went the way of Aristocrat.

Friends and Sons of Anarchy are also due to be released in slot machine format very soon, as is the controversial Duck Dynasty, which has received as much hate as it has love. We haven’t heard a lot about what these slots will contain, but with such big licenses, it only makes sense that they will spend time and money to make these slots exciting.

Britney Spears is also getting her own slot machine, which is simply named “Britney”, whilst Elton John will also be back in the bright lights of the big city. Perhaps one of the most unusual licensed slots to be released in the coming weeks is Ellen, which is based on the chat show of the same name. This will be developed by IGT and displayed in a gaming cabinet that has a 42 inch display.