18 Jun

Ghostbusters Slot Machine: Review

Created by IGT, one of the most exciting developers in the last few years, this is a game that 80s film fans will adore. It is based on the film of the same name, a cult classic that defined a generation.

The Basics

The game uses the Ghostbuster’s theme music throughout, and whilst this may seem tedious and monotonous, this is perhaps the only theme music we’re happy to listen to again and again. There are also symbols from the film, including all of the main characters and some bit players. Other symbols also include the Ghostbuster’s car, Bonus symbols, Slimer and some of the tools used by our spectral-fighting heroes.

Stakes and Payout

There is a relatively high minimum bet of 0.50 on this game, which will put a lot of players off. You get a lot for this money though, as we will discuss shortly. There are thirty pay lines, but all of them need to be played, you can’t pick and choose. With the added features, it amounts to 50 lines in total. You increase the bet by changing the coin value and this can go all of the way to £250.

The payout percentage is very high and it’s rare for several spins to occur without a win being dished out. In fact, during our first session (thirty minutes or so) on this game we finished in a very nice profit, and we also profited from our second and third sessions. We lost a little the few times that we played after that, but overall we were still in profit. The big money doesn’t come from the base game, but from the bonus round. There is also a little to be won in the extra features, but more often than not this just throws a few extra spins’ worth of credits your way and keeps you hunting for the big paying bonus rounds.


There are two main features on the Ghostbusters slot, and both of them have their own symbol. To get these you need to land the Bonus symbol on the third and fourth reels, followed by the Silmer or the Power-Puff symbol on the fifth reel. The Slimer symbol is more common and will direct you to a round where you hunt for Slimer in a hotel ballroom, behind tables, chairs and plants. The Power-Puff round is a free spin rounds and whilst this is much rarer, the payouts here are far greater because multipliers and wilds build-up on the reels so that by the final few spins, you’re earning 10x and more for each spin.

There are other, smaller features as well, all of which include Slimer. He will pop-up on the screen occasionally, and he usually leaves a feature when he departs. These come in the form of instant wins, multipliers and more, but they rarely give you more than 2x to 6x your stake.


Overall, we would give Ghostbusters a 9/10. We love this game and it is one of the games we have enjoyed the most over the last few years. We’re not just biased because we’re fans of the film either, because even players who hated the film can appreciate the many features and big payouts that this slot throws your way.