13 Jun

Casino Software Developers: Who and What

You have probably heard of the big developers of online casinos, named like Microgaming and Playtech. These are the guys who create all of your favorite slot machines and table games, and if not for these then online casinos wouldn’t have anything. In fact, thanks to these guys running an online casino is simple — it’s all about getting a license. They do all of the hard work, create and maintain all of the games, and the only thing left for the actual casino to do is pay for a license and rake in the money that it generates.

But just who are these companies and which are the biggest ones out there?


These are one of — of not the — biggest in this industry. Microgaming were originally an online casino themselves, but back then the industry was pretty much vacant. They were on their own. After receiving many requests to license their software to others, they realized that they could make money money doing that than they could from continuing to run an online casino. And so Microgaming was born.

In the years that followed Microgaming created many new initiatives, and they also gave birth to progressive slots.


If Microgaming are not the biggest, then the title would almost certainly go to Playtech. They may not have the honor of being the first, but they have licensed their software to some of the biggest online casinos out there right now, and there have stacks of high quality slot machines, table games and more. They also have a sports book, a poker room, a bingo room and other areas that provide licensees with a complete gambling experience. In recent years Playtech have even jumped on the investment bandwagon and have created platforms for binary options and other methods of trading.

Realtime Gaming

Although often regarded as one of the new kids on the block, this company is actually nearly as old as Microgaming. RTG allow the casinos that license their products to set their own payouts, which doesn’t agree with all players but seems to fit the needs of many online casinos. Of course, most online casinos still operate with 100% transparency, so this by no means indicates that they are out to scam their customers.


These guys create 3D slots, some of the most beautiful slot machines that we have ever seen. They are not widely available, far from it, but if you are ever afforded the luxury of playing on one of BetSoft’s 3D slots, then you should not pass it up. Games like Rockstar and True Sheriff are the standout games, but all of them are brilliant.

Net Entertainment

This company creates games that have been known to find their way onto other gaming software. That is to say that even if an online casino uses Microgaming or Playtech, they still might have some Net Entertainment games on there. The games developed by these guys include the South Park slot machine, which is one of the most feature-rich games available right now.