4 Jun

Vegas to Get New Skill-Based Games

It has just been announced that a glut of new skill-based games could be making their way to the bright lights of Sin City, after they were approved by the Nevada governor and have therefore be given the nod by the state itself.

It has been suggested that a new generation of gamblers have a preference for games of skill, ones that pay-out based on good play and good knowledge, as opposed to sheer luck. This is the poker generation, the statistical generation, the generation that understands the chance they have of winning at every single game, and one that yearns for that chance to increase.

These games are not available yet, but this legislation means that manufacturers will be challenging themselves to create games that offer skilful players as much as a 98% chance of getting a return. Some of the suggestions mentioned in the bill include classic arcade game scenarios, such as shooting enemies, racing cars around a track, etc., The suggestion is that whilst players can still test their luck and have an 88% chance of getting a return, much like a standard slot machine, they can increase that through skill and practice alone, limiting the house edge to even less than a game of blackjack.

A spokesman for the American Gaming Association, Chris Moyer, said that he “wouldn’t be surprised to see some video game partnership licensing deals.” With such a suggestion, the possibilities really are endless. It means that you could be playing your favourite sports game for money — scoring baskets on NBA games, taking penalties on FIFA games or even shooting bad guys on CoD games — all of which will be played as a bonus round. The video gaming industry is getting bigger and bigger, and the online gambling industry is growing at a similar rate, but not until now did it seem likely that these two worlds would combine to create something that both gamblers and video game fanatics would enjoy.

To date, these have only been given the go-ahead in Las Vegas, but in the gambling capital of the world, if something proves popular here, then it’s just a matter of time before it spreads elsewhere. There is no doubt that the gambling industry will be keeping a close eye on the outcome of these new games, and if they do then it should be a matter of time before we are able to play such games in our local casino and in our favourite online casinos as well.

These games are sure to excite poker professionals and blackjack professionals, along with the flood of card sharks and professionals gamblers that check-in to this city every year. Of course, they are unlikely to do much for the slot junkies that shoot for big jackpots and don’t really care about the house edge or their chances of actually winning, but they will bring a bevel level of excitement to the city for many, including us.