28 Feb

Microgaming donates £30,000 to Hospice and other Global Charities

As one of the most lucrative internet commerce industries in the world, the top online gaming system developers are generating millions of dollars each year. As such, Microgaming, the largest online pokies programmer on the planet, is making sure to give a little back. As part its extensive PlayItForward program, the Isle of Man-based company has donated £30,000 to four global charities.

Microgaming Play It Forward
Microgaming doesn’t just haphazardly choose where the money should go. Directors came up with a perfect way to make sure the most worthy organizations receive their funding. Four regions of the world were selected, and the online pokies developer’s closest business contacts and clients were asked vote on which charity should receive a donation from each region.

The four regions include Africa, Asia, Australia and the ‘Rest of the World’. In December, Microgaming’s associates submitted their votes, and the winning organizations were Médecins Sans Frontières of Africa, Change Heroes of Asia, White Ribbon of Australia, and Hospice Isle of Man in the Rest of the World category. Each worthy charity received a check from Microgaming for £7,500; a grand total of £30,000 in donations.

The online pokies giant first introduced its annual, charitable endowment program in 2013. Instead of giving out traditional Christmas gifts, the company thought it would be a good idea to put that money to better use by way of a gift donation initiative. In its inaugural edition, Microgaming tallied the votes and donated to the Children’s HIV Association (Chiva), the World Wildlife Federation (WWF), the Cure Cancer Australia Foundation, and the British Red Cross.

In 2014, Microgaming launched an even wider initiative called Microgaming Play It Forward. Their charitable donations are now just a small part of that program, which focuses on “the social pillars of health, sport and education… We have sponsored up-and-coming sports stars, helped the gifted go to university and raised money for dozens of charities. And through the Microgaming Health & Care Trust, we provide a lifeline for many on the island [Isle of Man].”

Claire Coleman is the Head of Microgaming PlayItForward. She detailed the online pokies company’s initiative to give back to the world. “We all know Christmas is a time for giving, and what better way to recognize this than with our gift of giving initiative,” said Coleman.

On behalf of Microgaming, she offered “A big thanks to our customers for supporting this for the second year running and making their vote count, and congratulations to 2014’s winning charities.”

The head of Income Generation for Hospice Isle of Man, Mary Doyle, also commented on Microgaming’s generous donation. “What a fabulous idea! We have worked with Microgaming for a number of years; their terrific support is always very much appreciated,” said Doyle.

“This amazing donation will make a real difference to our charity – this amount equates to just under a month’s care in our In-Patient unit, so thank you to everyone that voted for Hospice Isle of Man.” Doyle went on to say, “Being chosen as the charity of choice among Microgaming’s global clientele shows the Hospice movement is internationally recognized as having an impact worldwide. To receive this donation along with such fabulous charities is very gratifying – thank you.”