19 Feb

Major Millions jackpot strikes again for the 4th time in 8 weeks

Progressive slot machines like Major Millions jackpot boasting, 3-reel and 5-reel slots are generally favored by the most avid players for their potential to pay out life changing amounts of money. In the same token, they are often criticized for being extremely unlikely to release their grip on those exponentially growing dollars. But there are times when a progressive gets on a hot streak, and that’s exactly what seems to be happening with one of Microgaming’s most popular interactive creations.

another Major Millions jackpot winnerJust this morning, the Major Millions jackpot was struck yet again. This online slot has been firing out progressive jackpots left and right, delivering four lucrative wins over the last 8 weeks alone. The Major Millions jackpot is seeded at a quarter of a million dollars, meaning that Microgaming has dished up over USD $1,000,000 (AUD $1,283,433) in winnings on that game alone, and in very little time.

The latest Major Millions jackpot win happened so recently that we don’t actually have any explicit details yet. Microgaming has yet to release any information at the time of writing, and the online casino at which the lucky player was spinning the slot’s reels hasn’t made itself known. As such, there is no indication of who the fortunate slots player is, or what region they were logged in from.

What we do know is that the Major Millions jackpot paid out a whopping USD $277,812, (AUD $356,553). You’ll notice the amount isn’t all that much higher than the original seed of $250k. That’s because on Sunday, January 14th, just 4 weeks and 4 days ago, the Major Millions jackpot was awarded to Jonathan, a Swedish player from Stockholm. Jonathan was playing the popular progressive slot machine at 24hBet Casino when he struck the jackpot for $266,202.

Jump back in time again about three more weeks to December 30th, 2014, and we find the Microgaming progressive paying out another immense prize of $255,196. Based on the seeding overage of just $5,196, it’s easy to surmise just how rapidly that payout came in relation to the previous win, which occurred four days prior.

The first progressive payout that started this wicked strain of jackpot strikes was, of course, the most profitable of all. The lucky player that harvest that Major Millions jackpot raked in $638,224 on December 26th, 2014.

That’s a total of 4 Major Millions jackpot payouts in 8 weeks, worth a grand total of USD $1,437,454 (AUD $1,845,267). This latest win marks the 26th time Microgaming’s Major Millions jackpot has been released since it was first introduced in 2009.

Major Millions comes in two varieties, a 3-reel and 5-reel, each sharing the same progressive jackpot. The name ‘Major’ applies to the cartoon-style naval military theme of the online slot machine. The captain of the ship, reminiscent of Clue’s Colonel Mustard, invites all to play with open arms. And if the past couple of months are any indication, there’s no better time to log into your favorite Microgaming powered online casino and start spinning those reels.