21 Oct

Peter Ainsworth’s ex-girlfriend calls grandson of Pokies Kingpin a cheap father

Take a step back in time to 1953, when life was simpler and business matters were less complicated. You either had what it takes, or you didn’t – Len Ainsworth did. His father was a manufacturer of dental equipment, and while the family business was sufficient, Len had his eye on a bigger prize. He saw exponential growth in poker machines, and geared his efforts in that direction, forming what is now the second largest mass producer of pokies in the world, Aristocrat Leisure. The family still owns a portion of that business, but 91-year-old Len now runs another poker machine business, Ainsworth Game Technology.

Now jump ahead a few decades, where you’ll find the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia’s 2013 Ocean Racer of the Year, Stephen Ainsworth. He is one of the pokies kingpin’s 7 children, who built a multi-million dollar fortune of his own by reverting back to his grandfather’s medical equipment business. Stephen, or Dr. Ainsworth as he’s better known, spent years as a research and design engineer of cardiovascular and anastomotic medical devices, then became a Senior Biomedical Scientist before taking his current position as VP of Research and Development for Baxano Surgical Inc. Like father, like son, no?

Leaping forward to present day, we have young Peter Ainsworth, son of Stephen, who didn’t exactly follow in the footsteps of the family’s blazing trail. Heir to the pokies throne, said to be worth $2 billion, Peter Ainsworth doesn’t seem to do much of anything, at least not in a profitable sense, although he spends plenty from the family fortune along the way. For example, in 2012, Peter was listed as unemployed on the court documents that detailed his conviction for cocaine possession.

At 30 years of age, the heir to the Ainsworth poker machine throne is now being berated for his languid behavior by ex-girlfriend, Alice McClure. Two years ago, the couple gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Graced. Now that the two have parted ways, Ainsworth continues to live frivolously with his new girlfriend, model Alysha Maree, but according to Ms. McClure, Peter’s affection for his daughter seems to have fizzled out, just like their relationship. Reports state he has seen Grace for a grand total of two hours this year.

Due to Ainsworth’s minimal income, which was reported at $22,894 in 2013, the courts have ordered him to pay a very miniscule amount in child support. He is currently paying just $125 per week to Ms. McClure, and as low as that figure may sound considering his substantial wealth and lavish lifestyle, Ainsworth claims his payments are “five times what the [Child Support Agency] says I need to give”.

Alice was, of course, accused of being a gold digger, but she vehemently denies those claims. She says it was their passion for ironman triathlons that brought them together, and they legitimately fell in love before Grace was born. In reference to Ainsworth’s stingy attitude towards his daughter’s upbringing, McClure said, “I used to get angry about it but now I think there is nothing I can do,” adding that she is “not the sort of person to spend money on myself.”

According to Peter’s attorney, the poker machine heir has already contributed additional funds to Grace’s well-being, including the recent purchase of swimming lessons for $150 and a new cot for $700. Ainsworth himself has declined to comment on the matter, but a statement from his lawyer said he intends to “make good the arrears”.