2 Oct

7 Sultans Casino’s new player deposit bonus gets flexible upgrade

Hitting the internet gambling industry just before the turn of the century, 7 Sultans has spent the last 15 years using innovative marketing tactics to keep the promotions fresh and alluring for both new and existing customers. The popular online pokies operator’s latest modernization comes by way of an enhancement to the New Player Welcome Bonus. Rather than enforcing a predetermined split of deposit bonuses and values, new members can now choose how much bonus money they want to claim, and over how many deposits, from 1 to 5.

The majority of online casinos that accept Australian players have a very similar bonus scheme in place. Although the exact amounts and values may vary, in order to grasp the full worth of a new player bonus, a series of deposits must be made, all within a short time frame, and some of the offers simply aren’t as enticing as others.

For example (and this is a generic example, I’m not targeting any other online pokies operators here – any parallel between promos is wholly unintentional), a new player bonus might state the customer can claim up to $1,000 over 4 deposits. That sounds great, but the percentage matches might not be nearly as desirable in deposit #2 and #3 as they are in #1 and #4. It may look something like this:

Deposit #1 – 100% up to $200
Deposit #2 – 50% up to $250
Deposit #3 – 25% up to $250
Deposit #4 – 150% up to $300

Notice how the middle two bonuses take much larger deposits to receive a sizeable amount of bonus cash? The fourth one looks incredible, but the player will have to get through the first three to get there. And additionally, the common terms state that the player has a very limited amount of time to claim all of those bonuses. While some players might be happy to make all four purchases in a week, that’s not everyone’s style. These are exactly the types of idiosyncrasies 7 Sultans was looking to do away with when the refurbished welcome bonus was unveiled.

7 Sultans Flexible 100% up to $500 New Player Deposit Bonus(es)

New members of the online pokies site can now choose how they want to take advantage of the fresh 100% up to $500 deposit bonus. They can grab all that cash at once in a single deposit of up to $500, or split it into multiple deposits, each time receiving a 100% match. Perhaps depositing $100 at a time seems more accommodating – the player would get a 100%, $100 bonus with each purchase that could be claimed up to 5 times. Maybe an even split of $250 and $250 would work better for someone else. A skeptical player might want to try out the games first, making a marginal $25 deposit with $25 bonus, then after a few days of playing, choose to deposit another $75 and snag the remainder of the free casino credits. The genius of the promotion is its absolute flexibility.

The only real stipulation is that all of the eligible deposits must be made within 7 days of each other. Again, that’s a common standard for multi-purchase deposit bonuses, but in this case, the flexibility aims to suit everyone.