13 Aug

How to Win at Online Pokies: Facts and Myths

Pokies players want to know how to improve their gaming experience and walk away with more cash in their pocket. Below are some tips, facts and myths compiled from experts who post their thoughts and experiences across the web about their pokies playing.

For starters, experts across the board emphasize that each reel in a pokies game is independent of one another regardless if the game is in a casino or online. Using clicks of a button or pressing a button or pulling a reel are all the same when it comes to determining the outcome of a game due to its chip that has already predetermined when the game will pay out.

However, there tends to be exceptions to this rule as some land-based machines are looser than others. Experts such as Michael Shackleford have found that certain machines and even online games have slightly higher payout rates compared to others. Players don’t know, however, what game has the different chips and hence players create their own myths about which machines are cold and hot.

Shackleford also found out that the nicer the casino the tighter the pokies slots machines are, and that the further a player gets away from centralized pokies playing areas the looser the machines are. In other words, players may have better luck at more rural areas or at ones with less players.

Another myth that experts have cracked is that someone can alter a game while it is being played. Players believe that the theoretical proportion or percentage can be altered in the midst of playing but this simply not true. Companies would have to hit pause or cause the machine to break down during a game, open the machine or its software assuming it is an online game, and then make alterations. Such a phenomenon doesn’t exist in places such as Australia and New Zealand as the percentages have to be reported to local and central gaming boards, who can at any time choose to enter a casino or inspect an online game to check whether the reported payout percentages are being changed. Casinos and online pokies companies do not want to take this risk due to legal ramifications and hence do not alter anything.

Experts have also found out that making higher bets can be highly affective at winning jackpots or in higher stake situations. Using a higher denomination means there is a higher return percentage with most programmed games both online and in casinos, so using maximum coins can be suitable. For lower bets with less risk they are not and hence players can reduce their amount used. Play with the highest demonization you feel comfortable with along with the fewest coins used as possible.

In terms of playing for longer periods of time, experts have mixed opinions. Some believe that with each play the game calculates winnings that are not connected with the previous. This means that regardless if players play for 1 minute or 8 hours there is no difference. Other experts believe that because the games calculate usage or percentages that increased playing will increase your chances. Hence, when someone stays at a machine all day and walks away for lunch only to find someone has hit the jackpot they are upset and believe they should be entitled to a certain amount due to their contribution of supposedly increasing the game’s chances of paying out.

Building off myths associated with jackpots, should players back off from a machine if it just issued winnings or a jackpot? Not true, some experts say. The odds of hitting the jackpot are the same each time a reel spins, which means that if a game hits the jackpot on one spin it could do so right after. Other experts say, however, that because there is a percentage factor associated with payouts that no machine would ever pay out in high amounts right after the other.

Players also want to know if certain players have higher chances of winning if they have certain memberships or player cards associated with an online game or casino. The answer to that is no because the probability programmed in machines is still the same for everyone and not subject to alteration based off player name, race or any kind of status etc.