16 Jul

Hitting the Jackpot in Pokies: A Blessing or Tragedy?

Ultimately when people play slot machines like pokies they hope to win big. There are some people who play without the intention of needing to win but most people at least store some kind of thought in the back of their heads that hopes they will walk away with some extra cash (preferably stuffed into large suitcases).

People who tend to have won less than $10,000 have been regarded as “lucky” in the market. The reason being is that $10,000 is not regarded as “winning it big time”, albeit the sum of cash being no small amount. Thus, people are likely to treat you with a sense of respect and admiration for the luck you encountered and are less likely to attach to you out of hope they can get some kind of financial assistance.

Typically when someone wins big at slots (usually over $30,000) there is bound to be trouble. At casinos, the lights start flashing, noise levels increase and people surround you to take part in an experience, which should be only the individual’s. Following this, people take pics of you and post them all over the Internet, exposing who you are and leaving who susceptible for anyone from family members to even strangers to find out what you have run into.

The lack of privacy therefore in regards to your earnings becomes to out in the open and when such a scenario occurs people come out of the woodworks from all corners to find you. Family for example has been known to start asking for loans, and if you refuse you are labeled as greedy. They assume because you now have extra cash on hand that wasn’t earned from a regular job that you can now feed everyone. This becomes problematic and creates tension between family members, leading to a potential downturn in relationship dynamics.

Safety wise, some people who have hit the jackpot have been robbed later on and threatened due to so much transparency in the market. Various news sources have reported of multiple cases of theft from burglars that kept a close eye on winners following their luck at the casino. The cases are rare but do happen.
So then what can be done about all this? Surely winning at something like pokies does not have to be a tragedy for people. The answer lies in online pokies.

With online pokies, the above-mentioned scenarios and problems essentially disappear provided you are not a bigmouth showoff who needs to broadcast every single step of success in your life. In online pokies players can play from the vicinity in their homes and win big on their mobile devices while playing in their underwear. And best of yet, no one will ever know.

The online world actually provides players a lot of safety in this regard and can offer financial security that is not offered in casinos. Players can win and receive money on the spot and do so while on the go, at home or even traveling on a plane if it has WiFi. Privacy remains in tact and none of the online games will broadcast your earnings, call newspapers for an interview or make it known in any public way the status of your pokies slots experience.

In the online world slots therefore can be a so-called blessing in that you get to reap what you harvest. How you spread the fruit afterwards is up to you.