4 Jul

The Dark Side of Pokies Culture: Dementia and Liquor

People who dose off too long or daydream in general are susceptible to a much higher risk of dementia than those who actively use their brains for learning information as well as creating things. The brain needs to be exercised just like any other organ in the body and if it fails to receive enough stimulation, its vitality is likely to wither.

For pokies slot machine players the same applies. While some people may argue that the brain engages heavily in watching reels spin, this is actually a very passive experience as the player is waiting for results to produce rather than producing them. Granted, there is a time period when players pull the slot machine or simply press a button but this is not enough to count as active brain stimulation.

In order to keep the mind sharp during pokies playing, whether it be online or at a casino, players should try to engage in the environment around them through conversation or through observing other people. This sends a signal to the brain that you are still alive and kicking. Players can also listen to the music around them, sing to themselves while playing or count on their fingers.

Then again, players may look to play games like pokies in order to relax and zone out, so that is fine. However, if you play a lot you should know there are risks, just as there are with about everything that is done beyond normal moderation. Someone who looks at a computer all day needs to be aware of his or her eyes so avid gamblers need to be aware of their own harms as well.

Another harm that comes from not engaging too much during playing is excessive drinking. The body will naturally be tempted to keep itself busy as you wait to see the spin results and may look for something like a cigarette or drink. Since smoking at large is no longer available in casinos, you may be tempted to fill that void with a drink instead. The drinking may also tempt you to bet more than you originally estimated due to the irrational behavior that tends to be produced from drinking, so keeping yourself active during pokies will keep you both healthier and richer.

For those playing at home online, try to think about going to an area that you enjoy rather than in a dark or isolated room. The brain needs to feel a sense of space and comfort in order to stay active and yet relaxed, so taking a tablet or smartphone to a park or the like could b e of benefit. You may also be tempted to engage in other activities if you are outside or simply out of the house, which may prevent you from taking unnecessary gambling decisions. The air and energy outside is also better generally speaking so who knows maybe it will translate into luck.

Dementia also does not have to be a concern for pokies players given they are active with other things. Taking some time out of the day to play one’s favorite game is fine just like many other video game enthusiasts do. However, if it is excessive playing is not met with other activities then players may be led down a path that is detrimental both mentally and financially. Therefore, taking the right precautions is worth considering, especially if players want to engage in pokies gaming long into their older years.