2 Jul

Pokies Excitement and Mentality: The Unknown, Attachment and Satisfaction

Betting against one’s odds seems to be a fad people have been obsessed with for centuries. Since the time of Ancient Olympics dating over 1,000 years ago, it was said the spectators made bets with one another over who would win in various competitions. People wanted to test their odds and saw opportunities in gaining more than they had by putting in bets. The experience was made to benefit the individual, yet socialize with the collective as part of something greater or unknown beyond one’s comprehension. Whether we as a society like to admit this in modern day society, such mentality runs deep in our history and has seeped into the subconscious for centuries.

Surely other forms of betting existed earlier, but this is the easiest example most people are familiar with. Nevertheless, humans for whatever reason have always been curious about partaking in something exciting that goes beyond their own personal boundaries and grasp. Betting meanwhile seems to be the most convenient means of engaging in this as it could be done within a moment’s time and without restriction in terms of what could be bet on (with the exception of modern-day limitations). While most humans would probably rather engage their time and efforts in other things, they do not offer quick results that humans like and are increasingly adjusted to. It is no wonder then why gaming and betting has remained in cultures over centuries and until now manifests it in certain forms such as pokies.

The unknown in gambling on sporting events back in the past is the same feeling humans get when betting on gaming such as pokies slot machines. Both represent a desire to test one’s limits within the unknown (not knowing the results) and seeing if some kind of benefit can come about. It is exciting, refreshing, challenging, and yet can be extremely clinging if someone has an issue with attachment.

The attachment factor comes from human’s yearning to want more. In one way it represents the need to engage in something beyond everyday limitations. On the other hand, it is dangerous because engaging too much in something beyond one’s grasp may lead them to a dead end unless they see the light at the end of the tunnel or someone before them has.

In today’s culture, the attachment acts as a kind of satisfaction even though people know the odds are against them. But this is what makes it exciting as well. Some how people when they engage in betting know they have a larger chance of losing but yet they dig into it wanting more even if it digs a hole that may be hard to escape.

Gaming like pokies doesn’t expose this, but rather is an expression of modern day human’s desire and attachment to such feelings of dabbling and betting into the unknown. For whatever reason the desire exists, and pokies reflects this. One could argue whether the desire or the object that produces desire exists first but they seem to reflect each other.

If people were to see they are self-reflecting these behaviors from their own attachment then they could overcome any possible addiction associated with pokies slot machines. Those who do see through the experience clearly can walk away or at least exercise restriction when necessary. But for those who let themselves get sucked in they run the risk of losing more money than they anticipated. If it were not pokies it would be something else as the root problem reflects behavior patterns in the material world and through the game and not the game itself.

Increased satisfaction in pokies comes from knowing your betting limits and knowing that it is just a game that may or may not result in the way you imagined. Having unrealistic expectations and attachments to the unknown in pokies sets up players for disappointment, losses and even mental afflictions that can later affect your everyday life. Rather than setting yourself up to lose in a mental set, take the chance and remind yourself of what the game is and take the win mentally. Who knows, that positive energy may send the right signals and bring you the jackpot you are looking for either with hard earnings or mental satisfaction.