18 May

Review: Where to Play Safe High Stakes Online Pokies

High stakes online pokies are faster, more aggressive and less personal than going to land-based venues to compete. They are the new platforms for competitive pokies players looking to make real and fast cash, and provide more convenient, specialized and diverse playing options compared to casino venues.

In light of such trends, players believe there are many benefits associated with playing pokies online for real high stakes money. The players also commonly write and report about the benefits, which include:

  1. Players can feel at ease in their own homes.
  2. Players are free to play on the go.
  3. Players do not have to wait to use a machine.
  4. Mobile technology is fast and convenient.
  5. Players can bid high amounts of money in their underwear and do not risk being kicked out.

Essentially, many of the qualities associated with regular pokies playing are dismissed. Considering the biggest challenges players face is environment related, switching to online platforms that allow players to play at ease is a smart move for players. In fact, it only makes sense that players are in their most comfortable and familiar environment if they are going to play huge sums of money so there is no reason to feel hindered and contained.

Pokies players also do not necessarily have the opportunities to go to casinos in everyday life due to other obligations. Many players like to multitask now, which is impossible during most poker settings, as getting up from the machine at a casino could result in losing out on a certain amount of money. Such restrictions do not exist in online pokies settings and players are able to move at their own pace.

Who is Cheating and What Can be Done?

Many analysts believe that when an online pokies player is met with fraudulent circumstances that a player has gained access to an administrative or security account that would allow the individual to see all the spins in the game as they were being played. This likely means a really good hacker has seeped through loopholes or someone within a game’s database is accessing the information.

In online Pokies slots platforms including Spin Palace, Royal Vegas and Ruby Fortune, there have yet to be reports from gamers in blogs, reviews and video platforms such as YouTube stating any evidence related to hacking. To date, no investigations have been conducted on the platforms and they are highly regulated by international authorities.

In addition to the tips mentioned above coupled with reviews from from past players in such platforms, poker tracker software can be used to review old spins as well as analyze whether certain players’ behavior has extended for long periods of time.

In the case of Australia and New Zealand, laws have been implemented to regulate the industry as to avoid money-laundering, loss of tax revenues, as well as to protect players’ earnings, so poker players from around the world can rest assure they are protected under the two nations’ laws provided online gambling is legal to begin with in their origin of residency.