25 Apr

Percentage of People Addicted to Online Gambling Low, Say Experts

Almost 60% of adults, men and women, gamble, according to various statistics provided from experts in the gambling field. Addiction to gambling is defined as problem gambling that affects or interferes with the person’s social, emotional, physical, and psychological life. The majority of gamblers treat gambling as harmless fun, but for the percentage of adults (which is around 1%) who have a serious gambling problem it causes problems detrimental to individuals and groups alike.

Many people who are addicted to gambling started gaming or betting during their younger years, which later triggered the addiction to gambling, as they became more concerned and involved with finances. Symptoms of gamers who are likely to turn into gambling addicts in the future include seclusion from society in order to play games, lack of motivation and social skills, as well as rejection of the outside world. Like most addictions, problems with gaming can affect anyone regardless of gender, or economic background.

Gambling addiction affects 2%-5% Americans while the number is about the same in places such as Australia and New Zealand, experts say. Addiction is not limited to certain places, or involved in different ways to bet, and the symptoms of addiction to gambling are often similar between men and women, as well as adults and teenagers. Although males develop addiction to gambling at younger ages than females, females nowadays make up over one quarter of all gambling addicts, who often do it more directly for the purpose of making fast cash rather than inherently being drawn to playing games.

Families of individuals addicted to gambling often suffer domestic violence. Domestic violence results from frequent fights of the gambling addicts with their family members over their excessive gambling issue. Studies also tell that children of addict gamblers develop mental disorders such as depression, stress, and more.

Due to the increasing popularity and use of the Internet, more and more people are getting engaged in gambling. In fact, the Internet has made it possible for gambling to become common among households. Some people say this is the primary reason why many women and teenagers are getting engaged into some kind of gambling activity, but the experts say this is not because of gambling itself and rather the overall excessive access to entertainment on the Internet.

While the Internet has increased the risks of gambling addiction, responsible gambling is still possible. There is no doubt that gambling, like any activity, can be a valuable source of entertainment and enrich your life’s value but people need to learn to budget their money and lives in order to do it responsibly. People who implement responsible gambling practices keep their selves from over spending, and avoid incurring debts.

Do not go down the path of becoming an addict gambler who tends to enjoy gambling to the extent that you use money intended for household expenses just to gamble. It is highly important that you implement responsible practices in order for you and for your family not to suffer from the losses. In Australia and New Zealand., there are cities and states that provide responsible gambling programs. These programs aim to help gamblers manage their responsible gambling practices and not get addicted to betting, so if you fall under this category know there are facilities that can help you.