23 Apr

Safety and Protection from Eye Soreness While Playing Online Pokies

Dry and sore eyes are common to those people who have been in the front of their computer screen for a long time. A person who is highly concentrated on his computer may blink for lesser times. Blinking less often may cause disorder in the lacrimal gland function. In addition, using computers in a sealed air-conditioned room may take away the moisture in the eyes.

With doors and windows closed, the eyes may be lacking of oxygen. With the eyes losing moisture, it is hard for them to clean the intra-ocular foreign bodies, causing the eyes to become dry and sore. This means that those people playing online pokies, surfing the internet, or working in front of their computer for a very long time should pay attention to protecting their eyes first by concentrating on blinking as well as making proper arrangements to their room’s comfort level.

Overall though, you need to give your eyes a break. You can do this by leaving your seat and looking for a distant target to look at for at least 10-20 seconds or until your eyes become relaxed and your focus gets infinite. This can be done both while sitting at a computer or standing up and walking away from it. You can also move your eyes around from left to right and from top to bottom, as this is stretches the eyes in the same way you stretch your back out by moving around after having sat down for a while.

You also need to blink your eyes in order for them to secrete tears and get wet. Blinking your eyes is highly important to prevent eye soreness, especially if you are wearing contact lenses. While playing pokies, people tend to concentrate too much on their computer screen, blinking less frequently. This results in the eyes becoming too dry, leading to soreness.

Doctors also recommend that you focus the eyes on a bright color roughly 5-10 feet away in order to both refocus the eye’s point of distance focus as well as the retina’s shape. The eyes become dull in a way if focused in one spot for too long and need to be stimulated like other muscles after they have been in one position for too long.

Breathing regularly can help prevent eye soreness. Breathing helps accelerate blood flow. While you are focused on your computer screen, your breathing may get shallow or become slow. Hence, give yourself some time to breath regularly and relax a bit.

To further protect your eyes from getting sore, you might want to consider putting your computer on a low table. If you are using portable computer such as a notebook or tablet, you may want to put it in a lower position where you can look at it downwards. Looking at your computer downwards allows the greater part of the eyes to be covered by the eyelids. Additionally, looking downwards allows the eyes to unconsciously blink more and produce more fluid for lubrication. Be careful of straining your neck during this process.

You also should adjust the distance between the computer screen and your eyes. The distance between the computer screen and your eyes must be 50-70 cm and 10-20 cm downwards with the eyesight. You need to ensure that there is appropriate amount of light in the room you are playing or working on your computer. Although your computer generates light that is enough for you to work, increasing the light in your room can benefit your eyes.

Lastly, it is best to increase your Vitamin A by taking fresh fruits and vegetables. Vitamin A improves the health of your eyes allowing it to easily recover from the stress of looking at the computer screen for a long time.

All of these methods can be used slowly and one by one in order to ensure your eyes are protected. Experiment and see what is best for you, but do not experiment in letting your eyes go bad.