13 Apr

Making More Money Playing Pokies with Multiple Accounts: A Topic of Debate

This is a subject up for debate. Online Pokies games are each subject to random number generators (RNG) that determine how much the game can pay out and when. Some people believe the RNGs calculate certain users’ play while others believe it is done through the whole game and all the players included.

If your chances of winning on an individual account were taken into consideration then it could possibly be beneficial to having more than once account, as this computer chip may recognize a different probability of paying back cash then it would for a long time user. One could also argue, however, that a long-time player has gathered more experience in the game and is therefore recognized as a potential customer that brings in revenues for the game, which in turn can keep the game going. However, this would mean that each player would always be behind in earnings compared to how much they put out because the game would not be able to support constant losses from each player based on their specific RNG results.

Therefore, it is more likely that an online gambling Pokies game takes into probability the amount of total users it has and issues its payback only to certain players whenever the game has made enough money to do so. This means that not everyone will win and instead only some players will.

The rate at which the payback goes out could be increased or different though depending on the amount of players, making it a possibility that playing under more than one account on different devices or even on the same screen of your computer could work. If there are 10,000 people in one game and you have two accounts playing then technically you can double your chances. You also run double the risk with your betting so you need to make sure that no matter how many accounts you have running that the amount of money being used does not exceed the amount you would normally play under one account, at least that is what we recommend.

People will argue that the RNG is completely random, and while it is to an extent, it is still quantifiable based on the amount of money being put in, otherwise if it were always random then it could be paying out more than what it has-a highly unlikely thing for the Pokies industry. The RNG is still governed by statistics to an extent, so using multiple accounts could work, although no guarantee.

Other ways to making more money on Pokies through different accounts could include different platforms such as OS versus Windows, as many people argue that using platforms with more users or less users is better. The argument on this is also very polarized and overall it is likely that the RNG on each Pokies game differentiates between them, however, you won’t know until you try. There are also other people who believe the RNG in each Pokies game gives different probabilities to certain devices, such as mobile/smartphone or tablet vs. desktop, but again, this takes more playing to figure out.

Additionally, online Pokies and other gambling games do not necessarily take into consideration the IP address. If it did, then having multiple accounts would be useless as all the data coming from one’s computer would be read as coming from the same source rather than multiple ones, hence ruining the point of having multiple accounts in the first place.

If, however, you are concerned about the IP address and want to change it can easily be done through various methods.

  1. Go to a public place such as a Library and log in to the Internet with your PC.
  2. Change your dialup number if you have a dialup provider for your Internet connection.
  3. Use a proxy server to reroute your Internet traffic. The geographic location of the IP address can also be changed to that of the server through this method.
  4. Use a service such as iPrivacy Tools
  5. Turn off your router and modem

These are but just a few methods that can be done to get new IP addresses, which may help with your gaming experiences. If anything, if you want to play online Pokies in places that otherwise may block such sites following these steps may be beneficial as well.

Overall, you should try the different methods for yourself and see what works best. Multiple accounts played in different platforms coupled with different IP addresses could definitely speed up the process by which you win or at least increase the probability but there is no guarantee. Many gaming bloggers explain that it helps when competing against others online in that their computer opponent’s movement generator is likely to change more frequently, thus increasing the chances of winning, but again, you will have to try it out for yourself.