10 Apr

Play Pokies for the ‘Stupid’ and Leave it at That

Throughout life, it has been said we need to learn how to take things as they come and go into them without expectations. This enables us to seemingly go into something without effort and leave it on the same note, neither winning nor losing out on the idea of what is, would could have been, or what will be. The same goes for gaming.

It may seem like a stretch, but playing a game like online Pokies is but yet another form of entertainment based off human desire to partake in social activity, albeit a rather closed off one. Although the gaming may seem detrimental looking in from the outside, it is fun and joyful for others who prefer to look in. And by looking in, we mean at the screen.

For the outsider looking at a Pokies player, it is best to drop the notion of what is ostensibly correct in society and instead objectively determine whether a person’s playing on a mobile device or whatever is corroding their lives. It’s good that people express altruism for one another, but instead of jumping the gun and looking to criticize someone for their actions, it is better to think of them as being themselves in their nut just like everyone else. Like the comedian Doug Stanhope often says in his comedy sketches, “We all have our stupid and show it in different ways.” We need to examine ourselves as well and think about whether our stupid is and leave it at that before we pass the ever-so poignant flame of judgment onto others.

So leave it at that. If you are sensitive about gambling in your culture then you need to consider setting an example and working with others to create new forms of habit in addition to further understanding the complex layers as to perhaps why people gamble before it is deemed as something bad. Some people just play a game and leave it ‘as that’, which is what we promote. However, if a person is playing a game and you see it negatively affecting their lives and others around them, know that such behavior can occur with pretty much any activity and that it is the individual that needs to work on their behavior and not the entertainment itself.

For the players who are getting obsessed with Pokies, they need to remember that they are putting their faith into intangible rewards that will not necessary produce the fruits reflected in their efforts. To get caught up in Pokies and not have the will to walk away from it or realize that like other forms of entertainment they come to an end won’t necessarily have the results you hoped for puts you at a spot just like those who are criticizing players. Both are foolish in that they believe themselves to be right and are convinced by their own lack of understanding.

For whatever reason we all have a ‘stupid’ that probably somehow on a subconscious level relaxed us or allows us to take a break from what our normal reality provides. But it is also because of this we need to realize that if playing something like Pokies was a full-time job you may find it daunting to the point where you don’t even like it anymore. The same goes for others’ forms of entertainment.

So leave playing Pokies as a means of having fun. Getting caught up in the game could be fun for a while or it could be detrimental. Instead of finding out the hard way and making yourself prone to uncertain circumstances beyond your control, play the game and don’t have expectations. Once you are done with it, let it be done and once the dust has cleared later determine whether you will partake in another game. Entertainment can be fine if regarded as a short-time ‘stupid’ that we know will end and be forgotten shortly after we go on with our day so there is no sense in getting caught up in it from either perspective.

Meanwhile, for those looking to get thrills from Pokies, let them be short thrills that you know will not last forever as to avoid getting addicted to the games. Imagine that you are at a sports game like a basketball game and your favorite team makes a basket just before the buzzer ends. Everyone stands up cheering and feels elated over the fact that ‘their team’ won. The moment sinks in, you have a reaction to it and then what happens next? I guarantee that within a few days you are back to your normal life not even thinking about it and the moment will not carry over into your every day, making you feel just as joyful as before. Therefore, allow the thrills to be there and them let the go, because if you don’t they will go by themselves and the loss will feel much more devastating.