7 Apr

Winning at Pokies: The benefits of playing pokies on Mac/Apple

Pokies used to be played only on Windows, but now they may be installed on Mac, which means players can play pokies on any Apple computer and enjoy the same benefits as or if not more than Windows users.

Macs have advantages due to the high security levels and advanced software they have built in, which can prevent less malware infections from outside hackers compared to using Windows installed in PCs. Also, Apple products do not share a common registry with their products, unlike PCs, which often leads to problems with viruses. While viruses are an overall very low issue when playing online Pokies, nothing is 100% it is nice to know that you are safe and sound with an Apple product.

Creating an account on a Mac is essentially the same compared to a PC, as is the next step, which is funding. The best way, as well as the one that is always recommended, is definitely by credit cards. Other methods include checking accounts and the e-wallets. Upon funding, most online casinos give free bonuses to first-time players whether they are Mac or PC players so don’t be alarmed. Using a Mac to do this is not much different than a PC; however, you get extra security for the reasons mentioned above, i.e. less malicious software that could otherwise harm your account.

If you have enough faith in your Mac and are antsy to start playing, then you are good to go! You will be able to determine your possible wins by looking at the play tables in various casinos. Even if you don’t know at the beginning, if you stop and observe the game you will realize that small play tables offer smaller, but more frequent wins. On the contrary, the bigger ones with many symbols and big payouts are more risky, but bigger wins. However the chances are smaller. This is why you should determine the risk that you are willing to take. Some people think that Mac users are at an advantage for bigger wins due to the amount of users versus Pokie PC users (PC players statistically outrank Apple users), but it is hard to determine whether such statistics are sound in the market.

Additionally, the technology used in Pokies games has developed a lot in the past few years, so now you can choose bonus games that offer you hidden prizes and bonuses, some of which are only offered on Macs. After you finish a spin and win some money, online pokies may offer you the opportunity to gamble all your wins. This means that you may get double or nothing, depending if you choose correctly. There are many gambles, and the important thing to remember is that you have the chance to double everything you have. It is a 50-50 chance to win, but may be higher if you consider that Mac users are susceptible to higher winning stakes. Who knows, perhaps it will fund that new Mac computer you are looking to get!

It should be noted that if you have problems playing pokies on Apple, you have the option to install a virtual partition called Parallels Desktop that runs Windows on the Apple/Mac computers, so you can get the best of both worlds. However, if you install an instant play version, you won’t have any problems and will be able to play pokies on Mac immediately.

A lot of gamers in general are now switching to Macs simply because of the fact OS X and iOS are built better and less susceptible to viruses than PCs. Apple users almost never run software to clean out viruses and typically can see at least 5 years of solid usage from a hardware standpoint, which outdoes most PC applications. Granted, Macs are more expensive than PCs but many players say it is worth the investment to purchase a Mac in order to save on software viruses in addition to constant repairs that come along with owning a PC.

Many gamers are also complaining about how unstable Windows has become when it comes to gaming, often stating there games played on PCs are more likely to crash than on Apple products that run OSX. In theory, OS X was made to support certain hardware structures as well to provide optimal running capabilities, which is why Apple often updates OS X when it releases new products. The operating system is supposed to be able to support the functions of the hardware, which is something most people neglect, so when you have so many different PCs with different specifications running Windows you never quite know what to expect and the problems associated with bugs and viruses can be more sever. Most PC manufacturers also have to go through third-party software makers to properly install and make Windows compatible into their PCs.

Apple does this to control their so-called product universe because this provides it a stronger ecosystem and therefore overall product culture and reliability compared to many Windows-based programs, according to many analysts. The analysts also added that unlike the 1990s, Mac compatible games including online poker/Pokies are now widely available on Macs, which coupled with the benefits listed above, make Apple products an increasingly larger focal point for users across the board.