6 Apr

From land-based venues to mobile applications: Pokies players seek new forms to play their favorite games

Did you know that having tablets such as an iPad enable you to play online pokies wherever you are? Well, there are actually an increasing number of individuals who have tried playing Pokies on Android and Mac tablets, and they have really enjoyed the game, with some even winning huge amount of cash. For many, the Internet has changed many things, even their entertainment means, and Pokies is no different. Just ensure that you have an Internet source for your tablet and you can experience an exciting and enjoyable gaming experience with your device.

Indeed, online Pokies are enjoyable and extremely exciting, but sometimes, getting started can be very intimidating especially for new players who have never played before, are used to playing at land-based venues, or are used to playing on PCs. If you are experiencing difficulties on how to play pokies on a tablet, here is an easy and quick guide that is designed to help you get started and hopefully lead you to winning a great amount of cash wherever you may be.

  • Getting Started

There are some short steps that you have to take first before you start playing Pokies on iPad. The first thing that you need to do is to sign up for a casino site online. Choose the online casino that you prefer, you can either use the site’s “instant play” interface or download the software associated with the casino. Follow the instructions provided to open an account and answer some questions to obtain an active account that is ready to use. It is also important to note that such service is applicable to Android tablets as well.

  • Choosing a Theme

Look for different features and themes offered by a poker machine provided by the casino site. There are some that might be based on various comics or movies. If sound and graphics are valuable to you, ensure that you choose a Pokie that contains such elements.

You can try to play just any game that might be interesting in a play money mode. With this, you will have an opportunity to try out some Pokies without compromising your money. If you like the game, you can start playing it for real money.

  • The Coin Sizes

If you move on to play Pokies on Android tablets or iPad for real money, determine the amount of money that you might want to risk at each spin. Know the coin denominations provided on your machine and choose the one that you want. Keep in mind that you will often need to wager some multiple coins every line to be able to maximize your chances of winning.

  • The Paytables

All online Pokies on iPad or Android tablets provide you with an opportunity to see the full pay tables just before you play. Such pay tables will offer you many kinds of information that may increase your chances of winning. This information can also help you identify the right style in which this game will more likely to pay out.

  • The Bonus Games

With regard to modern Pokies on Android tablets or iPad, most of them are featuring multiple special features and bonus rounds that you can benefit from. Pokies on iPad have various ways for players to earn free spins. This is essential to help you improve your chances of obtaining huge amount of money.

Playing Pokies on Android or iPad tablets might actually mean relying on your luck, but knowing how to play Pokies on tablets and being knowledgeable about the tactics can help you in playing the game and winning more.

  • Overall playing experience

Most bloggers on the net who have played Pokies on their tablets have reported few problems in terms of getting things set up. The bloggers, however, do say that because tablets at large are slower than PCs they feel they lose out on their overall speed of navigation on the Internet but that the game itself wasn’t influenced by lag. Pretty much all tablets on the markets nowadays are suitable for such games and players do not have to worry about lagging applications and gaming experiences.

Tablets also have bigger screen sizes and therefore are preferred over mobile phones for some bloggers. They can also be held higher and are more portable than laptops/notebooks and desktops. Tablet applications also have increased security features due to advancements in iOS and Android, compared to what was offered in 2012 and even into 2013, so players can also be assured there playing experiences are safer.

If you do want to play Pokies on tablets as a serious hobby, you may want to consider something more high-end in the market in order to optimize the playing experience. Anything new from Apple is great, as Pokies are Mac-compatible, but other vendors such as Samsung put out great units as well. Don’t expect to play Pokies on older Kindles though!

Personally, we prefer the iPad Air due to its light features, Retina Display and A7 chip which allows for smoother transition between operations. The tablet also has a nice camera, which is great when coupled with the chip because if you are playing multiplayer then you can see and be seen clearly without any worry of lag while playing.

Also, for tablets it is recommended that you use a secure Internet connection in order to maximize security, and also one that has limited users, such as one in your house with blocked preferences, in order to avoid a connection from dropping.