4 Apr

A look at the effects of server-based gaming ad whether playing online Pokies is flawed

Recently, online Pokies gaming enthusiasts have been concerned whether playing online pokies is flawed due to the possibility that certain programs have been programmed to prevent people from winning through server-based gaming.

Server-based gaming is based off the notion that casinos can change the outcome of slot machines by manipulating the computer chips either found in hardware-based slot machines in casinos or within software in online Pokies gaming. In the case of online Pokies, there are chips built into the software of each game that calculate the probability at which the game pays out to players, and some people believe those chips are being changed at will by engineers associated with the online games.

If this were the case it would be extremely illegal and easily susceptible to being caught by authorities. The chips used in each gaming by law, have to be programmed containing certain payback features that cannot otherwise be manipulated under any circumstances, including when a player is up in winnings. This falls under laws implemented in Australia and New Zealand, and each company affiliated with creating online Pokies games has mandatory obligations to report their earnings and payouts in regards to their payout percentages listed in their original software programming.

Secondly, due to possible glitches that could occur in online Pokies software, it would be ridiculous for companies to try and manipulate the result of their players outcome just as how ridiculous and nearly impossible it would be for an engineer to program the outcome of your angry birds gaming. Trying to conjure algorithms that can control the outcome of a game that is based on payout would mean the game is stealing from you directly, and again, would be highly illegal and noticeable. Also, the amount of time and effort to make such programming would take extensive research and effort of which gaming companies would need massive earnings to develop, which is also highly unlikely.

Server-based gaming is a means rather to allow gaming companies to connect their services to one unified server in order to strengthen management. In the case of Pokies, it is used as a smart managing system for companies to manage both the company and players earnings as well as manage a company’s game content, including graphics, game programs as well as paybacks and number generators. Having a unified server is common for companies and does not mean that it is used for manipulation in online Pokies games.

Server-based gaming is also used for companies to expand their Pokies services or other online gambling/gaming services to the public across the globe. The servers also for linked gaming content, multi-platform playing experiences, increased security and less risk of spam and piracy.

Frank Legato, editor of Global Gaming Business magazine meanwhile said in a recent interview that companies benefit from this because they can upload new and updated game content to their servers much quicker and provide gamers with a larger range of games. On the Pokies player end, players get to enjoy more custom features such as the system recommending certain games based off their game preferences and also can receive additional rewards if they are long-term players, as the computer will remember players’ history, said Legato. Legato also pointed out that the servers lower hardware, software and maintenance costs for game terminals, and provide real-time monitoring of game terminal status and game transactions.

Gaming styles and preference setups are being improved while payback settings are not being altered as a result of server-based gaming. Legato also noted that it is highly illegal for companies to switch jackpots and other prizes in online Pokies gaming, most notably when players are up, and that the companies are not looking to cheat their customers; rather, set up more convenient and smarter ways for both companies and players to use.

What does this mean for Aussies and Kiwis?

As mentioned before, server-based gaming does comply with Australian and New Zealand law and is spreading throughout various platforms in Australia already. Australian and NZ news recently reported that Titanfall players would start playing on similar platforms soon

News agency IGN recently noted that such servers are being further developed in Sydney, meaning local gamers will no longer be required to connect to servers as far away as Singapore and Japan. The servers are expected to expand services in Australia as of mid-2014 and will continue expanding throughout New Zealand in the year as well, noted IGN.

Is there a difference between server-based gaming, server centric gaming and server supported gaming?

“Server supported gaming is often mistakenly referred to as server based gaming, both of which actually fall under server centric gaming. In server supported gaming, each game terminal has to contain a Random Number Generator (RNG) and complete local copies of the games, whereas server-based gaming systems centralize both the RNG and game logic. In server supported gaming systems, the server support is limited to analysis, content distribution and management, while server-based gaming systems utilize the server for the actual gameplay and multiple other features as well,” according to details outlined by Gaming Laboratories International.

Essentially, having a centralized random number generator and logic also allows for more increased management, functionality and features. As described in another post discussing random number generators, the generators should not effect or cause increased flaws in earnings or chances in winning at Pokies.

Pokies companies do not want flaws in their games

Pokies companies do not want flaws in their online games anymore than software companies want viruses in their software. Pokies is a well-known form of entertainment that has caught the attention of Aussies and Kiwis alike, and has been a sustaining, profitable business for many industries over the last 10 years and more recently over the last 5 years when the online boom took off.

While Pokies is moving away from hardware-based locations into more online gaming channels there is actually less risk in finding flaws in the games as they are now protected and monitored through advanced monitoring systems. Players should be rest assured that not only will developments with server-based gaming reduce risks in playing Pokies but also create a better playing experience.