2 Apr

Are online Pokies random? A look at your chances of winning

In a way, online Pokies machines are random, yet on the other hand they are not. Pokies machines determine winnings through random number generators (RNG), which are basically smart chips in the Pokies machines that determine how much is expected to be returned to the public either based on a certain amount of time or overall winnings a certain game has collected.

From a gamer’s standpoint, playing for longer amounts of time or through different platforms could help you increase the chances of you winning, as your probability of striking the right time when the RNG is set to pay out would be higher. This is typically why those who play more tend to have higher chances in winning, at least in the views of many professional gamblers who partake in Pokies, but it is not always the case.

The numbers in a game are random, but actually online gaming companies do want to keep their customers coming back, so many games offered online such as Ruby Fortune and Mummy Gold are said to give priority in RNG results to their customers. This is a simple give and take situation in online Pokies gaming, as if customers were never winning then there would be less people playing and the companies would fail at their business. This is simple economics of the game and really the entire industry, and it also proves that Pokies games are in fact legitimate.

In an online Pokies game, specifically, most people report that they come out ahead either in the first week of playing or after the first month depending on how much money they put in. While some people may argue that RNGs are random and in theory the time spent on a game and the amount of money should not matter, most gamers in fact make money 1 week-1 month after beginning a certain game. Some people meanwhile won very quickly (within the first day of playing) while others complained of rarely winning. It really depends on not only how long you played and even on the type of format you played, but lets face it-there was some luck, too.

Therefore, because the RNGs also know they have to pay out eventually we cannot say that online pokies machines are 100% random. If they were 100% random then they could in theory never pay back, but we know this is not the case as the industry is actually monitored in accordance with Australian and New Zealand law. What perhaps may seem random, however, is that the machines do pay back but the times and circumstances differentiate.

Many players want to know if there are tricks to decreasing the randomness in which they win. Because there is pretty much no legal nor 100% guarantee on this, we do not write about it. However, we have researched and found that certain players could increase their chances through different operating systems such as Windows 8 on mobile.

In fact, most people do not use Windows 8 on their mobile devices (most people use Android or Apple’s OS), which some bloggers believe opens up higher possibility of winning jackpots, as algorithms may give priority to such limited players. In other words, if the algorithm is the same on each platform, whether it is OS or Android, then the platform with the least amount of players could provide higher chances of winning to its players. However, on the other hand, the payout period might be much slower as the amount of cash being generated in the platform may be significantly less than others, so such calculations could be flawed.

Some other players argue that less players does not help, and that more frequently used platforms where Mac and PC users alike play on increase the chances of winning, as there are quicker payout times as a result of more cash being generated in the system. In other words, the so-called randomness decreases but is more competitive as a result of more players and transactions being made.

It’s hard to say indefinitely which method works best but we encourage you to diversify your playing methods in order to decrease the so-called calculable randomness in online Pokies games. However, if at this point you ask yourself what is the point of playing Pokies then if I run the risk of being defeated by the Pokies RNG, you could then very well ask what is the point of engaging in entertainment in the first place (or is some cases a side career). Everyone has their reasons why they partake in these games and there is no guarantee you can win against a machine that is set up to ultimately come ahead, albeit still allowing some, but not all players to come out in front. This is the nature of the game and if there weren’t a bit of randomness then not many people would play it.

So be aware of what you are getting into when playing Pokies. Know that there are some random factors and that there is also the possibility you may come ahead given the right circumstances. While the game may not be as measurable as many people claim it should be, we have to remember that it is in fact a game, which provides entertainment to those who feed off the randomness and overall excitement of not knowing what to expect. That’s half of what makes Pokies is what it is. Just know your limitations along the way and try a few different strategies out. Perhaps some will work and perhaps some will not, but in time things should reveal themselves. It’s best to just remember that it’s a game-one of which that you can chose to stop or continue at any time, so there is nothing random about that!